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We are a multicultural group with active members from many countries, i.e. Nigeria, Myanmar, England, Wales, Ireland, Chad, Ghana, Cameroon, Brazil, Indonesia, Saint Lucia, USA and Germany.

Our STM Choir currently uses instruments like piano, guitar, e-piano, flute, keyboard, mandoline and percussion. We have about ten dedicated singers in the soprano and alto range. We could definitely use some additional singers for tenor and bass.

The Choir is a significant contributor to parish life, leading the congregation in singing the hymns and responses during regular Sunday Mass and providing the backbone of the musical support for special Masses.

All the members of our group are dedicated amateurs who sing and play their instruments to praise the Lord, and have fun while doing so.

Some songs are sung in unison while others are two-, three- or four-part arrangements.

We mainly take songs from our Parish Songbook Gather Comprehensive – Second Edition of GIA publications, Illinois, but also from the 2004 version of the Glory and Praise Songbook and Today’s Missal (OCP).

Book Gather Comprehensive

Our musical coordinator, Markus Löscher, is a rhythm guitarist and part-time performer of old-time jazz. He has been playing Church Folk Music since he was sixteen.

If you wish to find out more about our group, you can either come to a practice, contact the STM Office or you can send an e-mail to office@stmbonn.de.

Recommendations / Requests to STM Choir

  1. It is advisable to have two music folders: One for all the STM sheet music you have, collected in alphabetical order and the other for current events; e.g. next Mass, special performance, etc
  2. If extra sheet music is distributed, please put it in your music folder.
    Please make your personal notes on your sheet music as you deem it necessary. This helps to remember and implement all important details of the agreed structure and arrangement of the song.
  3. Please check your e-mail on a regular basis, since this is our main source of communication. (e.g. weekly list of songs for next Sunday Mass, important dates or events)
    If possible, download our sound samples from the STM web page to your PC. Please let the choir know and ask for assistance, if there are any problems.
  4. Listening to the sound samples (or to your own private recordings of our Friday practices) can be a big help in refreshing the songs or learning the songs during the week.
    We need to set up a Tec-team for our new equipment: Amplifier with speakers, mixer, special microphones: Dynamic and two new Condenser Mics on extra large stands, etc
  5. We also have some maintenance work to do: sort out cable bags; reel in – and overhaul signal cables: speakON cable, XLR cable, Jack-cable; please check all music stands and microphone stands (mechanical parts) and percussion equipment.


Our practices are rarely cancelled, but it can happen. So please avoid the risk of coming and us not being there by contacting the parish office to confirm the practice is on – or just check on this website under Schedules. Choir rehearsals are usually on Fridays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Church (Heilig Kreuz) – or sometimes in the rectory.

The STM Choir always needs new people who like our church music – traditional and modern. Whether you are a singer or play an instrument such as oboe, flute, saxophone, piano, electric or bass guitar, we will be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to make a contribution.

See you at our Community,

your STM Choir



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