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bulletinboardSunday, 15.09.2019


Serving Your Community – STM Talent Drive

STM is a very different kind of church community: we are a relatively small group, which means that the pool of volunteers is also small. Often people are only with us for a short time. We are lucky that so many of you are willing to give your time and your talents to help us keep going. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the various ministries where community members can help out. We will describe in some detail what the different ministries involve in terms of service, time, commitment, etc. We ask you to read these short articles (which will also be put up on our website) and consider whether you could volunteer for one or other of them. If you want to get involved you can always contact our secretary, Martina, via e-mail or in person during office hours. At our welcome-back reception after Mass on September 8th there will also be the opportunity to sign up for the various ministries. We look forward to welcoming you as an STM volunteer!



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