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This ministry is open to everyone, whether individuals or family groups. It is a very good way to take the first steps in serving your community. Currently there is no formal coordination – perhaps someone would like to take on this task (organising the schedule, showing new ushers the ropes, making sure that everything is prepared and cleared away).

Time commitment – arrive early / stay for a while after Mass

The church is open 30 minutes before the service starts, at the latest (9.00 a.m. on Sundays, usually 6.30 p.m. on Holy Days of Obligation).

Before people start arriving the ushers make sure that everything is in place: trolleys with Gather books as well as the box with children’s books on both sides at the back of the church, welcome sign and holy water in the entrance. As people arrive they greet them and hand out the books and bulletins; if someone is new, they should show them where to find the prayers and readings in the Gather book and our bulletin, offer a registration form and answer any questions the newcomers might have. During the service they stay by the trolleys to help latecomers; the Ushers pass the collection baskets and take the collection to the front; they coordinate the procession of people to the altar for Communion. Before the offertory Mass participants are to be counted, including priest and altar servers. The total is to be filled in on the participation sheet in the blue folder on the trolley and then put into the collection basket. After the service the ushers collect all books (Gather books and children’s books) put away the trolleys, welcome sign, check for cushions in the church etc.

Please contact Martina, our parish secretary, if you would like to volunteer for this service


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